Petra Mercier, CHHC, AADP

Warrenton VA, 20186
(540) 905-2252

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Petra has been a true blessing in our life! Our son now 3, was diagnosed with sever food allergies and could tolerate only a hypoallergenic baby formula and no other foods....With Petra's encouragement, patience, step by step outdrawn very specific plan, as well as her much needed moral support we were able to transitions him to regular table foods and add supplements that he is able to tolerate. He is a very happy and most healthy child now!

-Steve, Emese and Stevie

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Nutrition & Health Counseling

Are you confused about to what to eat? Do you want to have more energy and nourish your body and soul with the right nutrients? Do you have health concerns you would like to manage?

As a holistic nutrition and health counselor, I work with my clients to discover the foods and lifestyle choices that truly nurture each individual. I believe there is no one perfect diet for everyone. I guide you to reach your life and health goals by making step-by-step changes to your food and lifestyle, at a pace that is comfortable for you. My program is not about what you can't have, instead I focus on the wide variety of foods that are available to you.

If you are ready to commit to a healthier, happier future, contact me today for your free initial health history consultation. This free consultation is designed to help you evaluate your health history, craft new goals and create the life you've always imagined. You will also get a sense of what it would be like to work with me.

My counseling sessions are 60 minute discussions that include:

• a thoughtful look at your goals and progress
• individualized recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes
• new and refreshing recipes
• goodies to surprise and delight you
• resources, links and book recommendations

Contact me today for your free one hour consultation.

Sessions are done via phone, skype or in person.

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$90 per session



Market Tours

Most people are intimidated by the many products that appear on the shelves in their local market. I am going to spend one hour with you in your local market answering all of your questions about healthy shopping. You will leave this tour with a clear understanding of which foods to look for when you shop and which to stay away from. We will also discuss some of the common misconceptions that make it confusing for shoppers to choose foods and how to make sense of the ingredient labels.   

$90 per session