Petra Mercier, CHHC, AADP

Warrenton VA, 20186
(540) 905-2252

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"...I have been able to find myself again and with your help, started down the road to be a healthier, more peaceful person and most important, happier. "

-Beth Davis

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Client Experience


I met Petra 2 years ago when she was contracted to teach several cooking classes during a women's fitness retreat for my exercise class. Recently I was planning another weekend for a birthday celebration for my lifetime friend and her family and I called Petra again.
The group this year was not as fit nor as conscious of healthy eating habits. Petra showed them ways to Not feel "deprived" while eating healthy. She also gave us a wonderful refreshing Yoga Nidra session after a 5 hour hike up Old Rag Mountain that restored our energy - the Thai yoga helped too! Everyone left her class making more mindful choice of ways to help their health with yoga and healthy cooking.
She has a great deal of knowledge and understanding of what the client needs and I hope to learn more from her in the future.
Susan Platt

Great Falls, VA


I signed up for Petra's nutrition coaching to enhance my family's diet. We already had a healthy diet in my mind, but I wanted to learn more about nutrients and supplements that would enhance our diet, especially those beneficial for our young children. Petra is a very knowledgeable and professional coach. She listens very thoroughly and offers sound nutritional advice and product recommendations--and provides you with very helpful information that you can take back home to nourish your family. I have learned so much from Petra and highly recommend her coaching sessions.

Allison J.


After recovering from a kidney donation surgery, I decided to add restorative yoga to my healing process. A side effect of the surgery is fatigue and a lack of energy. The restorative yoga sessions have helped me enormously to regain flexibility and energy. My favorite benefit has been the bliss I feel after I complete a session. Petra is a wonderful leader and teacher and I would highly recommend restorative and yin yoga with her.
Virginia Gerrish, Warrenton, VA


“When I made an appointment for a Thai yoga from Petra I didn’t know what to expect. I had never had any kind of yoga before. I was going through a particularly stressful time and it was affecting me physically. After the yoga I felt relaxed and energized at the same time. I felt better physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Kathy Haworth, TakingNoticeNow LLC


Petra's cooking classes are absolutely amazing! You feel welcome the moment you step into her inviting home. Petra shares her love of cooking and radiates joy. It is such a treat every time I attend. You get to sample the most delicious food, and leave with instructions on how to replicate the recipes at home in your own kitchen, and substitute ingredients to suit your family's diet. You won't want to miss her desserts either....totally scrumptious!



I LOVE Petra’s restorative yoga class….after these sessions I feel relaxed, refreshed and renewed. I also experience greater mental clarity after each class. What a great way to de-stress!



Petra, I want to thank you again for your 5 day cleanse. It gave me the start to a new life's chapter. The food was just perfection, and plenty if it. As you know I am a type 2 diabetic, but with the cleanse my blood sugars are staying in the normal range! I plan to continue on a gluten free diet. Fred and I have actually enjoyed amazing gluten free recipes. I can not begin to thank you enough. You are a very special individual, with an open mind, kind heart, and remarkable awareness of the needs of others. As always, I look forward to spending more time with you and the wonderful services you provide.
Sandy Hartley

  Petra is an amazing yoga teacher, and has a beautiful yoga studio. Her Restorative Yoga class is a wonderful way to relax and de-stress. Her class is meditative, calming, serene, and pure bliss! You will leave refreshed, restored and more focused...and sleep better too! I have taken both the private and group classes and highly recommend both. Definitely treat yourself, you won't regret it! -Allison, Warrenton, Va

"Thai yoga is a very interesting and effective body-loosening technique and I have been lucky enough to get a treatment from Petra. I experienced a great improvement in range of movement and a lot of stiffness/pain reduction that lasted for a couple of weeks (without any additional work by me). It is such a different technique from classical massage, much more personal in a way and also much more interactive. Interestingly the benefits seemed to grow over the 3 or 4 days following the treatment in contrast to more common massage techniques where the most benefit is felt the day of or perhaps the day after the yoga.



I always look forward to Petra's yoga class! The atmosphere is comfortable and inviting. Petra's calming voice and teaching style put me at ease. She takes the time to make certain that the poses are done comfortably and correctly. I have chronic back pain and anxiety and I have felt stronger, more flexible and more calm since participating in her classes. I look forward to many more yoga classes with Petra!

Jesicca LeTourneau


We recently hired Petra Mercier to conduct an introduction into healthy eating during our quarterly staff meeting. Petra had a great introduction into healthy foods and unnecessary sugar and fully explained the differences in food groups and how the body responds in digesting and processing. She spoke on a level that was easily understood and created an atmosphere where questions were asked and answered. The food Petra made for the meeting was creative, tasty and an excellent alternative to commonly used processed foods. She also gave a demonstration on the ease of making a smoothie and choices to use to customize the tastes. Petra has an easy smile and makes people feel comfortable asking the types of questions that will prompt us to eat better and understand why we then feel better. Thanks Petra!

Cleansing Water, Inc.
Private Home Health Care
Warrenton, VA


Emily and I really enjoyed your energy seminar. It was interesting and fun to learn more about healthful eating and living in a more energized way. It is always an enlightening experience for me being around you. Thank you so much for doing what you do!
Patty, Warrenton, VA



We all may understand to some extent that toxins invade our bodies, but we may not really know just how damaging they can be to our health. I really became aware of this fact about a year ago while doing some research on cleanses. As they say, be careful what you ask for because once you learn about how toxic our world is, you can never be ignorant again! The conclusion I came to is that I can control the quality of the water I put in and on my body, the cleanness of the air I breathe in my home and the purity of the food that I put in my body.

The nutritional damage we do to our bodies by eating even what we think is healthy food is amazing! After all this information, when I decided to do a cleanse, I was not going to do just any cleanse because the wrong cleanse could be as bad as the toxins we need to release. I’d taken a class with Petra and been impressed with her creativity and knowledge. When I saw Petra’s spring cleanse scheduled to begin on the first day of spring, I knew it was a sign that that time for spring cleaning had come!

Everything about the experience was nurturing and fulfilling. From the initial consultation and the beautifully presented ‘goodie bag’ to Petra’s quick follow up with answers to even the most seemingly trivial question and her great advice on every detail, I felt pampered and special. Opening the food bag each day is like opening a special present. The food is fresh, delicious and filling! Who would have thought you could eat sweets during a cleanse?! My biggest challenge was trying not to eat too much. I was so excited to give the recipes a try after the cleanse and I just wanted to keep eating the same sort of diet! I just felt that good and lost a few pesky pounds that I wanted to ditch for spring. If you think you can’t be good to your body and get satisfied and full on a vegan diet, then give Petra’s cleanse a try! I’ll be back in the fall for another one of Petra’s pampering cleanes for sure.

-Rosemary E., Warrenton



I love to cook, but really love to have someone cook for me. That was one of the big reasons why my husband gave me the 5-day cleanse for Christmas. What we got was so much more. We already eat fairly healthy, but still learned so much about nutrition and healthy eating. , Petra is a truly warm, gifted and caring person. She is extremely knowledgable about nutrition, supplements, sources, cooking methods, etc. She doesn't approach your nutrition with a one way cure all solution, she looks deeply at you as a person and your needs. She tailors a plan for you that goes beyond the 5-day cleanse and fits only one person, you. She is easy going and never insists that you do certain things, she listens and makes suggestions that always seem to be just want you need. I have incorporated just a few of the things that I have learned from Petra and feel so much better when I do. When I forget, or get lazy about it, I start feeling sluggish again. To me that is concrete proof that the things I learned from Petra are truly what is best for my body. I am healthier, happier and have much more energy. Is there really anything in the world that is worth more then good health? We can't wait to do the cleanse again. Thank you Petra.

-Lisa G., Warrenton


"Working with Petra has, and continues to be one of the best things I've done for myself and my health. I have attended her children's cooking classes with my children which, were fun as well as healthy for them, and in the most beautiful setting. I have also attended several of Petra's other seminars which, I have always come away motivated with great healthy recipes.

The 5 day cleanse with Petra is a must. The cleanse is something I plan to do twice a year. During a cleanse I usually loose about 4 pounds, sleep like a baby, my skin is clear, beautiful, and I feel the cleanse has multiple health benefits including healthy weight loss, increased energy levels, stress management, improved digestion, protection against disease. Petra really cares about her clients, she helps you adopt healthier habits, provides you with delicious recipes, food, and makes good nutrition easy. In my opinion she is the best!."

-Julie Day, Warrenton VA


I have been seeing Petra for Thai yoga since moving to Warrenton in
December. I was looking for a yoga therapist that could understand my
need for muscle relaxation and general improvement of health. Petra
provided all that and more. After seeing Petra a few times, we discussed
doing Herbal Thai massage. The aroma walking into her room was wonderful.
The herbs were heated with water and placed on the areas of my body that
needed extra healing. I took the herbal wraps home with me and have used
them this week. I really felt a release of the tight muscles and my pain
has slowly subsided. I do not look at massage as a treat but an integral
part of my Health Care.

-Gina Phelps, Warrenton Va


"I was first introduced to Petra through a cooking class my sister had arranged.  It was a wonderful class and Petra was just inspiring and made you excited about learning better eating habits.  She just makes it so easy. Shortly thereafter, I took advantage of Petra's "personal chef" services and let her choose the menus.  I immediately felt "better".....more alert with more energy and I am certain it was because I was finally really eating well.  I have just completed her Cleanse and had no difficulty with it at all, probably because I had been eating her delicious meals for the past several weeks.   And the very happy result was I also lost 14 pounds with absolutely no effort and fabulous food!   The pounds just seemed to melt right off! I would highly recommend giving Petra's classes, meal preparation, and cleanses a try. It is so worth it."



Petra has been a true blessing in our life!

Our son now 3, was diagnosed with sever food allergies and could not tolerate but only a hypoallergenic baby formula and no other foods. His allergies and sever baby eczema issues were unsolvable by the top doctors who were recommended to us in VA.,Washington DC or Children Hospital for over 2-3 years.

With Petra's encouragement, patience, step by step outdrawn very specific plan, as well as her much needed moral support we were able to transitions him to regular table foods and add supplements that he is able to tolerate. He is a very happy and most healthy child now!

Working with Petra has been and is the most pleasant experience. She totally understood our needs. Only with her help we've seen amazing results. The holistic approach was new to us but has been prove to be the most healing .

A million words can't express what Petra and this journey with her means to us. We have learned so much in this process and are so ever grateful for all her loving and very professional dedicated work

-Steve, Emese and Stevie


"Petra, just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed the cooking classes I've taken with you.  I love that the recipes you chose are quick, easy and've given my family new favorites!  I also appreciate all the cooking tips you include about spices, techniques and even food storage methods.  I recommend your classes to everyone...."

-Diane L. Hayworth, Firefox Consulting


"As I sit here at my desk, I am still so completely relaxed from the Thai Yoga I received from Petra just a few hours ago. I usually have to walk quite a distance to the office once I park and by the time I get to the office my hips usually ache a little with the extra weight of carrying a laptop, bag, files etc. This afternoon after my appointment with Petra, I had to park even FURTHER away, yet I felt (as Petra said I would) like I could run all the way to the office! Laptop bag and all. I am absolutely amazed. I feel like I have a completely different body and my mood is entirely better this afternoon. For several years I have suffered from hip pain and upper back pain, but I truly believe the Thai yoga is going to help tremendously with that -- if not completely eliminate it! I have not had a single ache or pain since the Thai Massage earlier in the day. I cannot wait to see what the coming days bring..."

Amy K. Fewell


"With this cleanse, I first noticed that I was not drinking enough fluids each day.  I looked forward to the fresh juices each morning and I managed to drink the lemon water throughout my day. Just by hydrating myself, I started to notice my complexion improving and my skin did not feel so dry. I also noticed that I felt more clear headed and I was able to focus better on tasks at work. I didn't have that tired feeling in the afternoon and I didn't crave sweets or snacks when I came home from work. I was never hungry and always had more than enough yummy food each day. I enjoyed having my meals prepared for a week. I could relax and enjoy each days delicious fare that was mostly fresh and locally grown foods.

I am so grateful to Petra for encouraging me to try this cleanse. I have been eating healthy for awhile, but Petra opened my eyes to fresh unprocessed  foods and how delicious and nourishing they can be for your body. I would highly recommend this cleanse to anyone who wants to explore a healthy lifestyle through nutrition."

With heartfelt thanks,
Nancy Flanders


"Where to start....
You are a wonderful chef.  Everything you prepared was delicious, and the portions were ample.  At the end of the cleanse week, I really didn't crave anything, and actually didn't want coffee, alcohol or sweets!  We eat a lot of salads, anyway, especially this time of year and veggies as well~but your preparation was different and lighter, and I loved your combination of different veggies.

The juices were the best thing of all. The pear & apple sauce was yummy as was the raw mexican "cheeze", the raw zucchini hummus, wild rice w/ veggies, raw veggie pate and the fennel & orange salad. The raw chocolate mousse and strawberry & raspberry "kream" were incredible.

I learned that it isn't "painful" to do a cleanse and that it is actually healthy!  And, it can be tasty.  I would definitely do it again, for me it was worthwhile, enjoyable, and I'm so glad I did it.  Bobby (my husband) says next time he wants to do it too!"



I'm really grateful that I was able to do the nutritional cleanse with Petra. Before the cleanse, I felt tired, irritable and just not myself. I couldn't get motivated to eat healthy or exercise or even clean. I really needed a jump start into eating healthy as well as finding more recipes and more variety with what I can eat. I'm now more aware of all the possibilities I have for having a healthy lifestyle. Another thing that I realized is that I just need to relax and enjoy food and do the best that I can. I also appreciate all the hard work and great cooking Petra did for me and everyone else who joined in on the cleanse. It was great to just sit back, relax and enjoy the food.



"During the five day cleanse, I loved that I just had to pick up the food and not have to cook it. Before the cleanse, I was craving sweets and dairy and wasn't sleeping well. I felt amazing during the cleanse and enjoyed spoiling myself. The delicious juices filled me up and I didn't feel hungry until lunch. There was not one thing I didn't like!  I have to say the salads with avocado and beets (which I used to not like) were definitely at the top of the list of my favorite foods. The pesto, cashew butter, and zucchini hummus were also awesome and I enjoyed them with the veggies and the various flax crackers you made. 

The cleanse gave me an opportunity to focus on me....and I didn't feel guilty about it!!  I learned to slow down a bit, I had less inflammation and lost 6 pounds with no exercise other then the limited walking I did due to  the  surgery on my knee years ago.

Love and blessings Petra!"



"I want to express my gratitude and enthusiasm with my new lifestyle. The education I've learned will stay with me the rest of my life.  You showed me how to be a whole person, how to shop better; make better choices, how to eat better, how to nourish myself in so many different ways other than just food.  I find I am very uplifted, energetic and can't wait to try out new things. I have been able to find myself again and with your help, started down the road to be a healthier, more peaceful person and most important, happier.  For those of you that may be considering a lifestyle change, give yourself the greatest gift you can, work with Petra you won't regret it!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Health and Happiness"

Beth Davis


"I found Petra towards the end of period of four years worth of emotional turmoil and stress in my personal life, which had wreaked havoc on my physical body.  At the time I already possessed extensive knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition, yet despite all I knew, I could not solve the problems I had been experiencing with my athletic performance and my body.  I'm a competitive martial artist and my body takes significant abuse on almost a daily basis.  Add to that the effects of the emotional stress from the personal challenges and my system was very out of sorts.  Even with constantly trying to change my nutrition and training regimen the progress of improvement was minimal if any.  Being an athlete and understanding the importance of a good coach, I knew it was time to seek out help in the health and nutrition area.

Petra really helped me connect the dots with the information I was currently utilizing, which has enabled me to take my understanding and application of the knowledge to the next level.  There is one thing, however, I learned from her that stands out to me above all else.  Petra introduced and opened my mind to the concept of Primary foods and the importance of your environment, relationships and activities nourishing your body.  While her client, I had the opportunity to come into a period of time that flooded me with Primary food in an area which previously was void.  The positive impact to my physical body was amazing to me.  Through the education I received from Petra, I was immediately able to recognize exactly what was creating such a significant positive change, where in the past I would have over analyzed what I was doing with my diet and training only to be left not understanding what it was that happened to work.  Through Petra's guidance, I now have a very simple and easy to follow game plan which allows me to focus less on my nutrition and more on filling my life with Primary foods.

I highly recommend Petra to anyone whether they're trying to begin or expand their journey to maximizing the quality of their life."



"Before I started working with Petra, I was suffering from what I see now as overall poor nutrition.  My husband and I ate few meals prepared at home.  I knew little, if anything, about how to incorporate fresh produce in our daily diet.  I had no knowledge of the wonderful, gluten free whole grains such as quinoa or millet and their excellent source of nutrition, not to mention how good they taste and how versatile they can be.

I now cook about 90% of our meals at home, with fresh, local produce.  We both feel better overall with improved energy and general well being.  I have noticed an improvement in my memory and I am not nearly as anxious.  I am diabetic.  My new found eating habits have kept my blood sugar controlled and much improved.

Petra has an amazing personality.  She is supportive, comforting, patient, and constant.  I find her very knowledgeable about nutrition, from food, to supplements, to dealing with emotions.  She is remarkable.  She has a wealth of wonderful, healthy recipes and the ability to help you enjoy cooking them all.

I am healthier, happier and wiser.  I know there is always room for improvement, but I am now better equipped for the journey."     



"Having done Petra's Cleanse twice now--twelve months apart--my husband and I can attest to how wonderful it makes us feel. Not only did my husband lower his cholesterol substantially but I was able to start myself on a gluten-free diet that totally ended my persistent skin problems. The best part of The Cleanse was Petra herself who taught us how to maintain essential healthy eating habits and gave us recipes to sustain them. We are indebted to Petra for her knowledge and friendship."

-Julie & John Coles


"In Response to a Cooking Class

We had such a blast!  What a great experience it was for my daughter and myself! We enjoyed the tasting and the knowledge that you provided us with.  Your recipes were wonderful.  So much so in fact that we have made the soup and salsa again.  So, again on behalf of my daughter and myself thank you for a wonderful experience with raw food and the class. We're looking forward to the next class! Everyone in our family is enjoying your recipes and can't wait for the next recipes we bring home from your next  class! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and recipes with us."

-Marla and Mikaela Thompson


Thank you for the changing our perspective on what healthy food really is! We always thought we ate pretty healthy, we had no idea until your cleanse all the areas we could improve on. The food was fresh and nourishing, and I was never hungry. I could feel myself getting healthier as the week progressed! I highly recommend the program to anyone looking for ways to improve their health."

-Jim Koepke M.D.


"I want to thank you for the many, many bits of knowledge I learned in your class. Too many to mention here. It is a wonderful experience to see and hear what you do, and why. The elimination of processed food has been my goal since the class and I am proud of my results. My favorite recipe has to be the spinach soup! How good is that! Probably the best soup I've ever tasted. I look forward to your next soup class. Being of a certain mind set and mood while we prepare our food was something you said I liked, I think it's the perfect time for giving thanks: while we chop and cook. Finally, I would like to say how nourished and peaceful I was driving home from your class, six (?) servings over four hours, it was a very comforting feeling. I hope your studies in New York are going well, you certainly are moving in the right direction!"

-David Symington


"Wanted to thank you again for the class. It was really great. Not only did I learn to make some really yummy and nutritious soups, I picked up some really useful tips and tools to enhance my cooking experience! You have a real gift and your love of cooking really shines through. Good for you and good for us!!"



"Just wanted to let you know how I enjoyed and learned from your soup class! I have always liked to cook, but felt my creativity was limited in soups, I just didn't know where to start from scratch! You soups are all so healthy, so easy to make, and best of all delicious! Also how do you pick such a good group for your class, I was most entertained by the participants! WHat a great group. The wholesome snacks you made for us while we learned were an added bonus! You area great teacher and a great host! Thank you!"

-Jordan Koepke