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"With this cleanse, I first noticed that I was not drinking enough fluids each day.  I looked forward to the fresh juices each morning and I managed to drink the lemon water throughout my day. Just by hydrating myself, I started to notice my complexion improving and my skin did not feel so dry. I also noticed that I felt more clear headed and I was able to focus better on tasks at work. I didn't have that tired feeling in the afternoon and I didn't crave sweets or snacks when I came home from work. I was never hungry and always had more than enough yummy food each day. I enjoyed having my meals prepared for a week. I could relax and enjoy each days delicious fare that was mostly fresh and locally grown foods.

I am so grateful to Petra for encouraging me to try this cleanse. I have been eating healthy for awhile, but Petra opened my eyes to fresh unprocessed  foods and how delicious and nourishing they can be for your body. I would highly recommend this cleanse to anyone who wants to explore a healthy lifestyle through nutrition."

With heartfelt thanks,
Nancy Flanders

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Gentle 6 Day Nutrition Cleanse

Restore * Rejuvenate * Renew

Forget juice fasts and counting calories. Start your healthy eating habits with an intention you'll actually want to keep on going: a fresh, healthy approach to eating and cooking.

Give your digestive system a break from eating heavy and processed food and jump start your healthy eating habits with a NUTRITIOUS FOOD CLEANSE. This life changing event includes healthy fresh food, support and Traditional Thai Yoga Massage.

This cleanse is not a fast, it is a natural food based cleanse program. There will be plenty of healthy delicious food to enjoy. The cleanse is 100% fresh food, local and organic whenever possible and free of gluten, dairy, soy and animal products.

While cleansing, enjoy the benefits of sleeping better, having more energy, mental clarity, shedding some extra pounds and less inflammation.


- 1 hour individual nutritional consultation in which we will discuss all the
details of the cleanse (getting ready, benefits, tips and more)
- Gift bag to enhance the cleansing experience
- Freshly made meals for the whole day, a combination of living and cooked
foods (soups, salads, gluten free dishes, flax crackers, raw desserts)
- Fresh juices/green smoothies made from the choicest ingredients as well as cleansing lemon
- Morning detoxifying tea and evening calming tea
- Traditional Thai Massage or Private Restorative Yoga Class
- Daily support
- Recipes
-Daily or bi-daily food pick up

Fee: $600/six days

Reserve your seat today - they go fast.



Please contact me today for more details at (540) 905-2252 or e-mail me at